Geographic Information Systems

Students will learn general principles of GIS, analytical use of spatial information, and gain practical experience in map production. The lectures provide a broad overview of the structure, processing and communication of geographic information. The lab component involves hands-on use of an analytical software package, ArcGIS, to complete GIS exercises in the labs.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing is the art and science of characterizing the Earth without touching it. Students will learn about the important, interdisciplinary, technical, computer-based, cutting-edge and growing branch of the Earth Sciences.

Field School

Students will spend 6 days in a field setting at the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest and in the adjacent communities of Maple Ridge and Surrey. Focusing on a range of landscapes from peri-urban forests to city-centre open spaces, students will participate in field trips, practice and demonstrate field skills, and end the week by integrating their knowledge and skills into a group project and presentation.